May 2nd, 2012

What is Deeboit?

Deeboit is a social eCommerce site that lets you create custom polls on products and share them with your friends.

Soon, Deeboit is going to become a completely new kind of eCommerce platform and ecosystem that's going to help consumers get products and services at a lower price without all the time and stress of a traditional buying cycle AND help businesses lower their cost of customer acquisition, increase the Life Time Value of the customers they acquire, and accelerate their sales cycle to improve cash flow.

We've been busy at work building the site. If you're interesting in registering for our private beta as a Seller, Click Here.

Want to buy something? Deebo It! is a unique way to buy items online. Buying isn't an easy process. It's messy, difficult, and takes a long time and even then you usually find that you didn't get that great a deal. Want a digital camera? There are so many models - how do you decide which one to buy? Once you find a model that you like, how do you make sure that you're getting the best deal?


Want to sell something? Deebo It!

Did you ever wish that you could truly capitalize on your marginal costs? Did you wish that you could know everyone that was interested in purchasing your product or service but hadn't overcome the research phase of the buying cycle? Are you looking for a unique way to be competitive that's cost effective? "Deebo It" is a homograph - so you can use it to mean that you're going to give great deals while your customers use it to mean that they got a great deal!

There's a great deal of science behind eCommerce economics - let the consultants at Deeboit help you find a distribution and prospecting model that works for you!


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